Max Beinema Graphic Design is a digital design agency helping business of all sizes get a better return from online and print activities. Please explore the services that I offer and take a look at my work.


Design and construction of two responsive websites. Built with adobe Muse.

Three banners for the 'Gelders Restauratie Centrum'. Design and file preparation for print. In co-operation with Alexander Senger. 2 m. x 0.8 m.



Three representations of a graphic transformation, part of my redesign of the visual (print)identity of the 'Rathenau Instituut', The Hague. All produced in co-operation with Pascal Messer, senior editor of the institute. Their former visual identity had to be simplified because of the institutes need to create and produce most of their publications in-house, by means of Word-templates (created by 'Keyscript').