Magazines (+ newsletters, annual reports, brochures, flyers, posters and banners), infographics (+ graphs) and logos (+ corporate identity): my experience with different kinds of printdesign goes back to the early 1990's. Nowadays I often combine printdesign with webdesign, to achieve and maintain a coherent graphic brandidentity.


Design and art-direction of Flux, the relations-magazine of the 'Rathenau Instituut', The Hague. 2008 - 2015. In co-operation with Pascal Messer, senior editor of the institute.

Design of the 'Taaljournaal',
the newsletter of the 'Vrije Univeriteit', Amsterdam.  2006 - 2009. In co-operation with Brendan Ahern.

Design of the 'Onderwijs Nieuwsbrief' of the 'Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam'. 2000 - 2013. In co-operation with Florianne van Hasselt, head of the Education Department.

Cd-Rom and cover for the 'Zentrum für Niederlande-Studien', Münster, Germany. 2005. Design and Photomontage.


Drawing for a report of the 'Rathenau Instituut', The Hague, explaining deep geothermal drilling. 2016. In co-operation with Dr. Magda Smink, Researcher of the Instituut.

Drawings for an educational classroom poster of the 'Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam', 2009. In co-opration with Charlotte Broersma, head of the institute.


Stationery redesign for the 'Rathenau Instituut', 2017.

Logo design for  'SengerCommunicatie', 2010. '

Logo design for Steve Austen & Co, 'A future for ideas', 2008.

Logo design for Johan Geurts, 'Stedenbouw & Planontwikkeling', 2005.

Dutch-German Conferences: design and drawings of the logo, stationeries, brochures, reports, banners, dossiers, programms, a book, badges and maps for 'Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam' and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 2001-2010. In co-operation with Lily Sprangers, the then director of the 'Duitsland Instituut'.